Sleep Timer Access in WIN 8 Storage Spaces

I use 3 My Book External 3TB drives in a WIN 8 Storage Space and use it for storing videos.  After setting up the Storage Space, I noticed that playback on videos invariably hung up after a while, and finally attributed it to the default Sleep Timer setting, which is just 10 minutes.  Theoretically, both the WD SmartWare program and the WD Drive Utilites allow you to access and change the Sleep Timer.

However, both of those programs fail to work at all, if the drive has been part of a Storage Space.

I have found nothing that can access the Sleep Timer settings if the drive is in a Storage Space.

Either SmartWare or the Drive Uttilities program, or both, need to be updated to allow access to these drives while in Storage Places.

Is anyone out there, besides myself, using these drives in Storage Spaces? Anyone have any ideas about accessing the Sleep Timer Settings? (I have already tried attaching a drive to a WIN 7 computer, but without reformatting the entire drive, and losing all the data on it, it still will not allow access to the Sleep Timer settings.)

Hi, what happens when you try to change the sleep timer? Even when you are using the drive as Storage Space it should be recognized by Smartware or Drive Utilities.

If the drive is attached to its machine with the current Storage Space, SmartWare does NOT see the drive (although QuickView does see it), and does not allow any access to drive settings.  Drive Utilities does NOT see the drive and asks you to attach a WD drive.

If you attach the drive to a WIN-7 machine (which does not know about Storage Spaces), SmartWare does see the drive, but does NOT allow access to any drive settings, including the Sleep Timer. Again, Drive Utilities does NOT see the drive at alll and asks you to attach a WD drive.

It is my understanding that the reason for this is that Storage Spaces has its own format and information stored on the drive, and anything outside of Storage Spaces will only see the drive as unformatted.  Since they see the drive as unformatted, the WD programs do not allow access to the drive settings, or do not see the drive at all.

SmartWare and/or Drive Utilities need to be updated to allow access to drives in Storage Spaces.

Hi again, after further investigating your case, it seem to be that after setting the My Book for Storage Spaces use it wont be recognized correctly by the WD apps. You can make the suggestion for future software updates in the ideas board.

Yes, my initial post above was in the ideas section, and got moved here.