Sleep//standby mode please!

While almost every OS offer sleep, WD has no such button nor a CLI command to put the device into sleep, sadly.

I really wish that WD will consider this fix for the next Firmware please, where sleep mode for some people are very important.

Currently there is no such an option to put the device in sleep manually nor automatically which is a shame compared to WD compatitors…



completly agree with u

I don’t understand why WD didn’t put a sleep mode on the My Cloud Home ?

I have a 2TB My Cloud and it does have a sleep mode … and would have thought anything with Network Accessed Storage would have that function.

If WD continued public Beta Testing … it probably would have high up on the list of reported issues :confused:

I contacted the support and they say that the NAS should go into sleep mode and fan should stopped as well.
it didn’t happen so far. they continue to investigate.

anyone have PR2100 that can go into sleep mode?