Sleep setting retained after uninstalling SmartWare?

If I install SmartWare on my PC, change the drive setting on my Model#: WDBAAF0020HBK-NESN to “NEVER SLEEP” and then uninstall the software from my PC, will the drive retain the “NEVER SLEEP” setting?

What conditions can cause this setting to be cleared?

I don’t want the software running on my PC, and I’m even thinking of hiding the virtual drive, but the drive spinning down is causing a HUGE amount of Event 51 in my XP logs and it’s causing halting in recordings on my DVR.  I need it to be set to never spin down, and I need it to stay that way…

Anyone know where the setting gets stored?  In the NVRAM or on the partition table on the drive that’s ‘inaccessable’?  Or does the setting get stored on a ‘per pc’ basis in the registry or something like that?

I need to know if my setting is going to stick or not after I’ve removed the SmartWare software from the PC.  I’m also not sure what happens after the drive gets power cycled (so that’s why I’m asking how/where the setting gets stored).

The external drive will retain the setting after SmartWare is uninstalled.