Sleep mode on direct connexion with laptop


I’ve bought a mycloud 3Tb to store my music files. The device is directly plugged to my laptop with the ethernet cable. All services are deactivated, I haven’t installed the program on my computer, I don’t stream anything.

I have no use for the cloud options. I was just interested in the possibility to free a USB port on my laptop, while gaining 3Tb of storage.

When I close my computer to put it in sleep mode, and the mycloud device is in sleep mode already (blue light slowly flashing), it then wakes up and the “no connection” led is flashing. It won’t go back to sleep.

Would it be possible to make something to let mycloud sleep when the laptop is sleeping ? If it’s sleeping, it shouldn’t be checking the connectivity and wake up if it’s absent (if there is no connectivity, it’s useless to have the device on anyway, it could sleep until it gets a signal from the computer again).

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.