Sleep external hard drive

I just got a WD My Cloud. It is working great, I just want one thing. I connected a external drive to it but when the cloud sleep, the external hard drive continue running normaly. It would be great if the external drive could sleep too.

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Have you noticed that the MyCloud goes to sleep at any moment? The unit should go to sleep when the MyCloud goes to sleep.

So if I understand correctly, the external drive should also stop/go to sleep?

Hi there, you understood correctly, the USB drive should go to sleep with the My Cloud, as there should be no access from the My Cloud to the USB.

Is this a feature of my cloud or the external drive? My drive is a seagate backup plus. My external drive keep spinning even when the cloud sleep.

I wouldn’t know about the seagate, I have an EX 2 with a My Passport connected and when the drive is not being used both of them go into sleep mode. Check if the Seagate backup plus drive has a feature to go into sleep mode when the drive is not in use.

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I looked and yes, the drive has this feature which is disabled by default.

Then check on a way to enable it on your seagate and then test if it works as explained before.