Skitter tv?

Anyone able to use this service?


I"m wondering the same thing.  If so, what is your zip code?

I have only found one that works but very limted in channel lineup selection.

Zip Code - 97231 (Portland Oregon)

They have others they say are coming but been a few weeks and no such luck.

Google Search it seems to turn up little and other device vendors asking where are the Zip Codes…

Even if you do live in an area that they cover…it’s $15/mo.    None for me, thanks.

cool idea though. local tv via iptv. They should try and stream something just for like…that good feeling?

I can’t believe the lastest firmware added this (Live TV) is one of the MAIN menu items (along with Video, Music, Setup, Files, etc).

There’s a grand total of ONE city in the whole US where Skitter works (Portland, OR) and it costs $15/month.

Can you please just put Skitter in with the rest of the services (Netflix et al) and get it off the main screen?  Or at least let me hide that menu option?  LAME


Seriously…that one city warranted a button the MAIN page???

“That good feeling”?    

What do you mean??

I agree, it should be removed from the main menu. Kinda pointless being there!! We should be able to select which options we want on the main menu. I don’t use a few of them and would like to remove them… But, oh well… can’t have it all. WD has a great product and I love my SMP!!

I think that we should be able to remove whichever “programs” or buttons that we’d like.   The new layout makes it a little better, but I don’t want to have to scroll through two pages of buttons that I don’t use.     I need Netflix and Pandora…now that MediaFly is gone.     I don’t need MLB, etc.   

I agree it should be in with the services, at least until the supported area of service is greater than Oregon. 

Couple Suggestions - instead support USB TV tuner Dongles or network Tuners like Silicon dust hd homerun.  then Live TV area makes sense.  

Replace Live TV with TV series - so TV episodes don’t clutter the movies / video area!!!