Skipping commercials (or 30s skips)

I want to use the WDTV Live Streaming to play recorded digital TV (.ts streams), which it does reasonably well in coping with the recording. However, there is no easy way to skip the commercials since fast forward is messy and the default 10 mins skip is far too long.

Am I missing something or is the WDTV Live missing this most basic of PVR controls?

Surely ‘fast forward’ is a thing that should have died with tapes…

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It’s missing the most basic PVR controls.  :neutral_face:

There are a few suggestions in the Ideas Exchange forum:

(and more I didn’t link)

Give them kudos and keep them at the top of the list.  There’s no guarantee, but maybe WD will implement them in the future.

The more I use it the more I regret not making up a second HTPC. Seems it’s best use is for playing ripped content :frowning:

I am baffled at the implementation of “fast forward”, I cannot imagine why anyone would ever want that over simply skipping ahead in blocks of time. Do the people that write the code for these things actually use them?

Wish I could return it but Australian retailers only allow for returns on faulty goods, not because they aren’t good.

Considering the suggestions are 9 months old and acknowledged, I do not see it likely them implementing it.

Yeah, for me this is the only real weakness. I have used several DVRs and PVRs and grew to depend on these skip features and assumed that all of these media players would have it…apparently it is not that common. I screwed up not researching this enough, if I had known about this oversight, I would have built up a media center PC instead. Folks have been squawking about this since it was introduced, so far, nothing. Even if they just bumped up the speed to 32x or 64x that would be better that what we have. I hate it when trying to get to the end of a long podcast, simply maddening…