Skins and Thumb Nails

Hi all,

I Was WOndering if there are skins for my WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player, or is it possible to download file info like fan art, IMDB punctuation and stuff like the XBMC?. 

Can you tell me a good program for downloading movie info and thumb nails?.


No, the Live+ doesn’t support that.    All it can do is movie thumbnails.

Any recomendation for downloading the Thumbnails? 

You could do it manually with something like this:

Or if you want it done semi-automatically, grab a copy of ThumbGen:

Kind of overkill as you don’t need the MovieSheet stuff but I used to use an older version and simply select the thumbnail.

but i can instal the Thumbgem on my WD TV Live?

I-ROD wrote:

but i can instal the Thumbgem on my WD TV Live?

No; you install ThumbGen on your PC, it scans your media folders and suggests Thumbnails for your films.  You accept the suggestions and it downloads the thumbnails to your folders.

Lots of thanx 2 y all :smiley: