Skin Suggestion


I don’t feel competant enough to have a good stab at changing the Mochi skin to something more to my liking BUT one of things i would quite like is not to have to go through to the ‘Option’ button to watch a trailer. One of these two changes would make me pretty happy:

  1. There is just a clickable button within the movie desciption page that loads the trailer

  2. Even better would be the youtube trailer embedded; at the moment in one Mochi view it starts playing the movie in a small preview window…I’d prefer that window to start showing the trailer with the option of clicking on it to make it full screen!

Thanks in advance to any one working on a theme, its a great thing about this player and the community behind it.


Is there a thread on how to change skins ?  I saw a thread on a new skin but not one on howto change.


i have no idea how to edit the themes but i doubt you would be able to change the way it is set up right now.

To change your theme your hub has to have internet acess then go to SETUP>Appearance