Size of folder smaller when it has been copied to NAS MB WE - White Light


I have just copied a folder over from a 2tb FW/USB Raid 1 WD Drive to the NAS (no raid just a 2tb drive) White Light.

The final statistics vary… The original folder reads: 

830.52 GB on disk (830,271,586,867 bytes) for 147,309 items

The folder copied over to the NAS White Light though, has more items then the original folder but less bytes??

Here it is: -  830.5 GB on disk (830,253,254,069 bytes) for 147,321 items

See the discrepancy, form the line of figures above?

Can anyone please help…


Found the problem…

What was the problem, and were you able to fix it?

It was really trivial… When I was copying over I put another file into the original folderl so making it bigger by 1 mb, thus the difference!