Size Matter ? 1/2/3/4TB?

Hi everyone,

I know some of you guys having a 4TB Wireless Passport Pro here. so my question is. is there any differences between 1,2,3,4TB sizes of this wireless drive ? what are the common issues/problems did you encounter in this product ?

i saw online store selling a 4TB drive and no other size like 1,2,3 TB.

Should i purchase the 4TB ?

Hi there.
Its just about the capacity of drive. If your requirement is 2 TB then you can go for it.
It’s all about your requirements.
If you have doubt about the functionality of drive, then I must say it all depends upon the model, and nothing to do with capacity of drive.

2TB is enough for me and they only have 4TB available in their stock. so if the size doesn’t affect the speed performance i should get the 4TB now. Thank you