Six Terabytes of Data. Is a search feature under Window too much to ask for?

I love to scroll. ALOT. But not when I have to scroll through 6 'effing TERABYTES of data to find ONE file without the use of a competent search feature on the WD My Cloud. My information might as well be up in a cloud. A meteorological cloud for all the search capability that the WD My Cloud gives me.

Sure I could learn LINUX and build my own NAS but I don’t have the time or the inclination. I wish Western Digital would find the time and the inclination to develop this feature.

For local network access, Windows File Explorer provides search facilities.

Below images show example’s of a search using Windows.

Do a search.

Get results.

Have people repeatedly asked for a search feature for the remote apps? Yes, see the many Cloud Ideas links at the end of this post.

Can you search for files remotely? Actually yes. One can use the WebDAVMod that would allow one to remotely map their My Cloud in Windows File Explorer and from there one should be able to perform a search (which might be slow) for files on the My Cloud. One can even use a file manager app like ES File Explorer on their mobile device (Android) and remote map their My Cloud using the WebDAVMod and search for files from their Android device.

Or can setup some sort of VPN or even Remote Desktop connection to your local network and access the My Cloud that way using Windows File Explorer.

One can add their opinion to one of the following threads in the Cloud Ideas subforum and hope that WD eventually gets around to adding a search option to the remote apps/programs…

Or any of the many other threads in the Cloud Ideas subforum asking for the search feature.

YES! This is an absolute and urgent need. How can such a basic feature be missing??
And may I add that a sort function (e.g. by date, or file name) is also badly needed. This is only available in the mobile app!