Since when did upgrades give you less?

It might be me, but what is the point in taking away functionality in an upgrade?

I can no longer access my NAS to manage it remotely, a fundamental piece of functionality for people NOT located with their NAS.


I have my whole eBook library on my NAS which is served via Apache, guess what, the UPGRADE took it all away, not only did it remove the whole app that served it, adding it again means I cannot access it as for some unknown stupid reason they have taken away remote access to the NAS for all the things we added to it!!!

What another WD complete mess, why do they even bother…NEVER EVER LET A HARDWARE COMPANY WRITE SOFTWARE!!!

Thanks for ruining absolutely everything, why didn’t you just take away the ability to save files too, seems that is a fundamental piece of functionality.




I noticed that a backup of all the custom NAS apps that were installed looks to have been saved under “/mnt/HD/HD_a2/.systemfile/OS3_Apps_Backup/Nas_Prog” at least on my EX4100. You may be able to copy content back out of here into the main “Nas_Prog” directory and restore functionality that way to some extent. Did not find though that copying the files back in here and rebooting led to the apps starting on the next reboot though, and they still needed to be restarted manually.

I along with a lot of others have “highlighted” that docker is broken on the EX4100 (and other “arm” based NAS) and have not had any contact back from WD at all, so fully see where you are coming from. Fortunately for me, I moved my primary NAS to a QNAP several years ago when WD failed to recognize other issues I highlighted with them, so for now the EX4100 I have is just for playing.


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Thanks, I got the app working, however it can no longer be accessed by external parties, because I can no longer map my static IP address through to the NAS, they have removed completely the ability for the NAS to allow this.

I am moving from WD, I have simply had enough of the total incompetence and disregard for their customers that they show.

We spend thousands investing in their hardware for them to shaft me by removing functionality I have relied upon for years, and they have the audacity to call it an upgrade, seems that no-one manages this team with any knowledge of the real world.

Allowing people in a business to make decisions without considering the customer is the downfall of any business, their total disregard for functionality and quality is astounding. And for what? They are still many many years behind in User Interfaces and UX, they basically changed nothing in their internal management console, they clearly are still using the same creative team from the 1990’s and hire a software engineer that worked for Atari.

RIP Western Digital.



Yeah, as I said, I had a similar experience with them where there support were really unhelpful and not even willing to acknowledge the issues their units had, so I moved to a QNAP TS453Be unit and have not looked back. Was a more then adequate replacement for the WD EX4100 unit.


Upgrading to OS 5 was a big mistake, no doubt!
We got nothing in return except more restrictions and less features.

I don’t think this is always the case when the hardware company make the software, for example Juniper make a really good quality of hardware and best software on the market, although it’s networking…

WD, shame on you!

You MUST fix this asap!! One thing for sure, if WD won’t take an action soon, you’re going to loose the market. Even cheap price won’t justify that you’re the worse NAS provider

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I just submitted my response to a WD Survey on OS 5. What a load of $4!T this is. I’m willing to move my 12TB of data to some external drives and wipe this device if I could revery back to OS 3

They don’t listen, the problem when companies think they know everything and don’t listen to their own customers is that they bury their heads in the sand, put fingers in their ears and hum loudly the very second someone says this is wrong.

brightskyapps I think WD management seemed to want to feel like a Apple corporation with a similar ecosystem like iCloud, AppStore e.t.c…

OS 5 was big mistake WD. Now you will lost soho-clients. We not want you “ecosystem” with your accounts and your control on our data storages. Also was epic fail in OS5 use by default ffmpeg indexing and other media garbage creation without confirm by owner (NAS admin).

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