Since WD= No DTS-HD Sounds (720 or 1080P MKV). Any good and fast Audio Converters?


Im having a hard time here, all my movies or most of them are 720 or 1080P  MKV’s. And also most of them WD just wont play th sound.  Nice smooth picture, but no sound what so ever. I read alot about it and it seems that th e most famous sound is DTS-HD or DTS-TrueHD, being in most of the Bluerays. Yet, WD doesn’t support it. License issue i guess?

Anyways, i thought of converting only the audio in a file. A program just to take an MKV with DTS-HD and convert it to MKV with anything els that have decent 5.1 quality and supported by WD. Is there Such application? Mainly for MAC OSX, but i wouldn’t mind on PC.

I’d really apprecialte your help.

Thank you.

With DTS-HD you should just get DTS digital output.   Yes, it’s a license issue.

There’s no such thing as DTS-TrueHD, I assume you mean Dolby True HD, which as far as I know SHOULD work.

There have been reported issues with DTHD in a MKV file causing issues, but I don’t know first-hand.