Since upgraded to v04.05.00-353 my My Cloud device locks up and has to be power cycled

Ever since my unit updated to v04.05.00-353 it will just lock up from time to time. I can still ping the unit but it will not let me access it via the GUI or through windows explorer until I power cycle it.

Are you sure you have a first gen single bay My Cloud unit? Does the P/N number on the bottom of the unit end with “-00”? Second gen single bay My Cloud users who updated to OS5 (v5.x firmware) experience similar issues to those you have mentioned.

Have you tried a reset? Start with a 4 second reset, if that doesn’t work, try a 40 second reset.

How to reset a My Cloud (single bay) device

I have reset twice thus far… maybe 3rd times the charm?

So I did the 40 second reset three times in a row and it seemed to fix it for a few weeks but then it started doing it again. I can ping the device just fine but it will not let me access it via the web GUI nor will it let me access it via windows explorer. I never had the problem until the latest update they sent out to let us all know that we are SOL.

If you can reach the My Cloud Dashboard check the “Diagnosis” to see if there is an issue with the hard drive. And check the Alerts (mycloudnotificationicon) icon in the Dashbaord to see if any alerts or notifications have been made that may indicate a problem.

It will not let me access the My Cloud Dashboard unless I power cycle the device. After a power cycle and a long wait for the Dashboard to load… it shows:

When I try and run a advanced diagnostics test under Settings/Utilities it seems to just hang at 10%:

The system diagnostics could take a while. When the unit has it’s current issues, is that external USB hard drive (Seagate Backup+ Desk) attached to the My Cloud? If it is, remove it and see if the issue continues. Could be something on that external hard drive is tying up the My Cloud, like it’s indexing the external drive for Twonky. Some other troubleshooting steps if you are keeping that USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud. Access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General and set USB Content Availability to Off if it is set to On. On the Shares tab in the Dashboard, select the USB drive’s Share and set Media Serving to Off (if it is set to On). The other basic troubleshooting step is to disable Cloud Access/Remote Access in the Dashboard Settings to see if what ever the issue is persists.

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Yeah the test has made it up to 30% now so I guess it will eventually finish.

As for the Seagate disk, yes it is always attached and has been long before the issue of not being able to access the My Cloud started which was right after the update to v04.05.00-353. I will check some of those setting you suggest after the Diag Test finishes up. I always have the Access/Remote Access disabled and I have my Asus Router setup to not allow the My Cloud to access the internet since its not supported by WD anymore and any security issues wont be fixed.

System Diagnostics full test came back with:

I did find one of my folders on the external USB drive set to Media Serving under my shares and have turned that off. Hopefully that is what is causing the issue. Will report back over the next few weeks if it happens again or not.

Thanks again for all the help Bennor.