Since firmware update no video zoom

since i updated firmware recently, the zoom button (and some other buttons) in the options when looking a video disappeared. can anyone help?

Are you playing a DVD rip? If so there will a menu button but no zoom etc. If you play the rip via the preview screen it will play the main film and you will have zoom buttons again but no menu.

Hi rich !

I am not sure what you mean with “play it in preview screen”? I open my folder with videos, select a video. The next screen shows me a list of files and a little preview-window on the right side. Is this the preview-screen you mentionned? Where do i find a zoom button there? And if i find this zoom-button: can i zoom the video over the whole TV-screen or just in the preview-screen (which doesn’t solve my problem).

Does anybody know why WD deleted the zoom button in the video options?

Thanks in advance!

If you are playing a DVD rip which has menus and chapters then you do not get the zoom button. However if you want to play the main DVD film without the menu option then you go to the preview mode by pressing options. There is the small screen to the right and when you select a vob in the rip the main film will start playing. Press the right arrow to move into the preview box and then press OK to go full screen. You will now have the main film with zoom buttons etc on the options menu.