Since firmware update Music selection is screwed

Haven’t played music for awhile but last night went to play some albums.

Obviously things have changed at some point because of firmware updates. In the past could go into an album, select a track and play it. Then whilst playing the track could look at all the other tracks in the album folder and switch to anyone.

Now when you select an album it starts playing the first song in the album and you can only go next track or previous track. You can’t seem to enter the album to choose tracks like the manual explains. Anyway round this? It’s a backward step and I cannot see any logical reason why they would do that.

Are you trying to play via Media Server or Network Shares of WDTV?

Have you tried rebooting the WDTV from a power off/power back on state?

WD changed the Music Playback Interface on the SMP in Firmware (in 2015)
(to get the original interface operation SMP must be rolled back to 2.01.86)

As far as i know, the WD Media Player (2014) has always had this “new” interface
you could try rolling back to 1.00.42 … but i don’t think it will change

No way around it … it’s hardcoded into the Firmware.
Why did they change it ? nobody will ever know … yes, it is a step back, because that’s how the GEN 1 and GEN 2 wdtv’s displayed music playback

Anyways, i no longer use any wdtv’s … moved “forward
Music Playback on my Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi does exactly what you’re after :slight_smile:

No I have an external hard drive connected to it via USB. Ok, tried a hard reset makes no difference. Latest firmware is 1.02.17. Haven’t updated to the very latest as everything is working fine and I don’t use those apps that are removed by it anyway.

It’s not a biggie now I know. And I don’t want a raspberry Pi cute as they may be. For everything else it works perfectly.

except for … :wink:

Works for me. Press the blue button on remote shows any we are in the middle of it just finished

Good to hear :slight_smile:

suggestion: post your solution next time (or tag it as solved), for fellow wdtv users