Since Firmware update 2.40.155 on PR4100 blue lights flash all the time

on Saturday an automated Firmware update was created… When I found that the system tried to reboot but it did not shut down and only a long push on the power button enabled the shutting down of the system and then rebooting it again.
I saw that all the time the system blue lights flashes.
because of that the system does not reach a stand bye status.
I turned off the system and reboot it and then for a day or so the system got to stand bye status and all was ok but after that again the blue flash light comes again.
that did not happen prior to the firmware update.
I checked the network and rebooted the router and the switch that is on the network to be sure that nothing from the network crests this odd situation. it does not seem to be a problem from the network.
again shutting down and rebooting enables normal behavior but not more then a day or so…


You could refer to the following link: