Since Catalina WD MyCloud doesn't Show Icons

Prior to Catalina, every time I rebooted I would see the icon on my desktop.

Now with Catalina it doesn’t show up

In finder, I can see WDMycloudMirror. I then Double click, see my shares and double click again -voila icons are there.

Any thoughts on why they are no longer there AND how to get them back.

Just annoying steps every time I reboot

Are you using OS3 or OS5? You are in the wrong sub-forum for your WDMYCLOUD Mirror!

Sorry I just saw MyCloud and thought right forum. I will post over there

Not sure which OS. How can I tell (will try to google in the meantime)


p.s. cant find a way to determine which OS i’m on. Assuming OS3 (dont ever recall updating)

Can anyone advise on this?