Simultaneous Write and Read from My Book Live - any possible solution?


Very frequently I am transferring files to my My Book Live over my wireless connection and at the same time I want to watch a move or listen to music (I am using My Book Live as my media hub).

However, this is not possible, because the movie/music are not playing smoothly. Is there a way to eliminate this, short of stopping the copying process? Because sometimes when a 5-10GB file is being copied to My Book I have to wait about 1 hour before I can smoothly play anything. Or I have to kill the copy process.

Any ideas how to remedy this situation?



The MBL is more than capable of doing simultaneous reads & writes, but if the network is congested as a result, you’ll have the symptoms you describe…

So it’s not likely a problem with the MBL, it’s probably just you’re using too much WiFI bandwidth when you’re doing both at the same time.