Simultaneous usage of raspbmc causes problems in network sharing on wdtv life

Hey Folks,

some months ago I tried setting up a Raspberry PI with RASPBMC because of the general Problems in accessing network shares on my WDTV Live.

Now, I recognized, that having the PI and my WDTV Live working simultaneously causes the problem, that I can not see any network share as long as the PI is running. Only when I shut down the PI and reboot my WDTV Live, I am able to see my network shares.

My network share is a Windows Home Server 2011. I have allready set up 2 Users. One for the PI and one for the WDTV. I also set up the connection from my PI to my WHS 2011 by using the seperate user for the PI.

Could any one give an advice, where I can look at to solve this problem?

I’m about to connect my PI to another TV but as long as it will not be possible to connect both simultaneously to my network share, it will **bleep**.

Hello, have you tried setting a static IP for both?

When I tested the Raspberry on my network it did not conflict with my WDTVs. It simply grabbed an IP via DHCP which I then set to static.

Thanks for your first advices. The IP is set as a static one. The Media-Server functions well, but there is no network function. So the IP itself seams not to be the problem.