Simultaneous backups..?

I have 20 or so users connected to my 8TB Sentinel. Is there a way to increase the number of simultaneous backups? It takes a full work day for PC’s to back up. Some probably never complete before the end of the day. It’d be nice to allow at least 2 simultaneous backups. Is this possible?

No, because of the Single Instance Storage it will only do one at a time.  Once they all get backed up once, it will go much faster.  You might “espand” the backup window.  It is probably set for 9 at night to 6 am

Thanks. It was actually set for 9am to 3pm. I changed it from 7 to 4. When i did the initial set up, i chose 9 because we come in at 7. I figure people would do their heavy work first thing in the morning. I haven’t noticed the backups slowing down the PC’s though so I changed it to match our full work day.