Simply change pcb between two WD3200JD-22klb0

Hi all.
my wd3200JD-22klb0 went dead about power supply ( number 1 in photo)
I ask to you if it works to simply change the pcb with same model in photo 2 just to rescue my data

they has :
_same number model
_same drive parameters (LBA ecc…)
_same pcb number

_different place of production
_differentt pcb number sticker
_different dcm number about latch and bottom vcm

example of DCM: HSEHYV2AH

1- Motor (H)
2- Base (S)
3- Latch (E)
4- Bottom VCM (H)
5- Media (Y)
6- Headstack (V)
7- Actuator-Preamp (2)
8- Top VCM (A)
9- Separator (H)

_other ?

thanks in advance for your help


Hi @Repatwd3200,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: