Simplifying software design/instructions

I am utterly stunned at the appalling quality of software generally. I bought my My book live several days ago and am still battling with familiarising myself with it and organising basic functionalaity.

Just typing this is becoming excruciating as the  ghastly software has started interfering with me in some  way by deciding to frequently  do something I haven’t asked it to do.

I am finding it impossible to continue as the return key only works when it feels like it.

The bottom line is that a page on the computer is no different from an old fashioned pre-computer page of print and should be as easy to understand as any competent bit of English language should be.

But, software tends to be wickedly nasty and obscure, usually failing to enable you to understand what  the **bleep** it is talking about because it changes ordinary language into gibberish peppered with childish acronyms

Here we go again, this software is now preventing me from placing the cursor to put a full stop and it insists on staying

 somewhere other than where I want it.

This illustrates the point  about the horrendous difficulty I have had with setting this hard disk up. There are no adequate words to describe the intense stupidity of what is something essentially simple if organised properly. I mean, I don’t recall having much difficult setting up & using my previous two WD mybook external hard disks. 

There are all sort of sillinesses which can only be described by taking a detailed note of them at the time as it is impossible to remember every click etc.

Once again my complaint is being demonstrated by the cursor refusing to go where I want it to as it has decided to start a new paragraph whether I want it to or not - &  I don’t.

Maybe that just says it all.

Software writers are total idiots because they consistently interfere with the end user’s free will in numerous ways and this causes the law of unintended consequences to have devastating effects.

Some of my complaints are: not being able to find out how to correct an incorrectly inputted email address in a menu. I accidentally left the last letter off.And right now I am going loopy with my Mac time machine backup taking an incredible amount of time - unlike the the same backups done on the other hard disk.

Also the generally of the disjointed and silly language used makes me think it might be easier to learn Japanese or something than cope with thjis ignorant rubbish. I am having so much gtrouble even just wrting this I am now thinkign I need to return this iodiot load of nonsense to the placve I bought it.

I am getting very, very angry with this really primitive software. It is inexcusable. It appears to me it must have been written by halfwits.

Idea submitted.