Simplify my access to files especially Music

After my PC died, I went to access My Passport Ultra and it took over an hour to find where my Music was located .It’s under 11 categories, folders and files.
I made another Folder and copied my Music in that which never appeared when I went to access it again.
How can I just have a Folder saying Music when I attach the WD Passport to my new PC?
I’m a senior and not knowledgeable about PC’s so please talk English no computeriz.

Here’s an example of what I mean My > Passport drive E
my name-PC - file history - my name - my name - PC - Data - C - Users - my name - Music - <some music is located here, other music is - playlist -


You can just copy/move your music files into a folder on the drive.

I made a new folder and added my music to it. When I opened Passport again
it was not there. I’ll try it again and let you know.