Simplified/Secure address to connect with Kodi

I use Kodi to watch my videos stored on my cloud as not only does in present my media in a format I like fanart etc but it provides easy controls for video size, audio and even subtitles. Kodi works great on my home network and it located my media on mycloud with no headache… However in order to use Kodi outside my home network Kodi requires an address ie http://… Any chance of creating a simplified address that will provide secure access to my media that I can simply type in. I’m sure I’m not the only mycloud customer who uses Kodi. I"ve checked the forum and the answers are not the one I’m looking for ie FTP this and FTPs that. Just a secure simplified address that I can type. Thank you.

The address you need is your global IP address, which is determined by your ISP. These are often dynamically allocated, so every time your router reboots, it will be given a new IP address. Not great…

You need to either contact your ISP and request a permanent IP address, or sign up with a Dynamic DNS service to allow you to use a fixed ‘named address’, which the DDNS will redirect to your IP address. You’re then likely to use port forwarding on your router to direct Kodi traffic to the MyCloud; this is how BubbleUPnP Server works (and I suffer the changing IP address problem, so remote access is hit and miss).

You also need to bear in mind the uplink rate you get with your internet connection, and whether it’s adequate to handle remote media streaming.

In a Nutshell you want “Remote Access” to the MyCloud via Kodi

if even possible … and as cpt_paranoia pointed out … that will be limited by you uplink rate

which most probably won’t be sufficient to stream 720p / 1080p (or even 480p) video content

Ive tested Remote Access … fine for small documents and pictures, for video ? “buffering city” every 5 seconds.