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I know I’m going to get some static about this:

After having had several different Android based devices I decided for ME the best thing to use for Kodi was a Windows based device. You can get very nice HTPC’s or Mini PC’s at reasonable prices these days. I call reasonable in the $200.00 or less price range. Now here’s why I prefer Windows over Android. Get ready for the Android guys to tell me I’m so wrong…

  1. I am MUCH more familiar with Windows and working within it
  2. Linux/Android/Google Is tinkered with by nearly everyone that makes an Android device, so it’s slightly different on every device. The bugs they (the manufacturer of said device) add to the flavor of Android they pass around get included with an OS that might have, in it’s virgin state, been nearly bug free. Here’s an example, I have a Samsung S10.5 tablet (Samsung’s Flagship tablet), I install the app Watch TCM on it, it fails - won’t work other than to start but will not play one video or live feed from TCM (Turner Classic Movies). Install the SAME app on my Ugoos UT2 or my Samsung S4 phone and viola! Now, here we are waiting, chomping at the bit for Marsh Mellow to magically appear one day on our pricey S10.5 flagship tablets or for our Ugoos UT2’s and we get told NO, nada, not gunna happen. Now my stuff is considered “legacy” - out of date! So here I sit with 2 Ugoos UT2s (134.00 each) 2 Samsung S10.5’s (Bought the wife one @499.00 each) and they are only 2 years old. Yet I have a PC that has a P4 Asus P5GPL motherboard with an NVIDIA Gforce 210 video card and 2GB RAM that does what? - Runs Windows 10 and Kodi and does what I need it to do at over 7 years old! Sure, I had to replace a power supply and the hard drive a couple times (because the HD wasn’t a WD :wink: ) but it still works and runs the current version of the OS I like to use!

So, what do you think I’m going to buy the next time I want a tablet? Betcha it will not be Apple or Android based!

Ok media servers…sure there’s Plex and Emby and PlayOn and they ALL will integrate into Kodi and pretty much do a fine job. But you really don’t need any of them except Kodi. There are plenty of addons/plugins, there is a plethora of skins to allow you to make it look/feel just about anyway you could think of and there are a ton of “third party addons” that exist. Some of the skins are very limited and others are very, very flexible. Kodi is probably the best thing to happen to media in a very long time and the best part is it gets your media organized for you. Oh, and it’s free. Just try it, you can always uninstall it.

Ok slam me… :wink:

I’m sorry to write again maybe by the same problem. I am returning from a serious disease problem and my brain (because of my problem) persists in deceiving me. kkkkk
After my son formatt the HD of my PC, I’m trying to install Thumbgen again but I´m having trouble to generate Linksheets (series episodes) to the same folders that I used. My folder:
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead S05

The Walking Dead S06
ep 11.jpg
ep 11.mp4
ep 12.jpg
ep 12.mp4
ep 13 (the today new episode…)
In the 11 and 12 epISODE, the Main Sheet “The Walking Dead S06E12.mp4.jpg” was saved if the C:\Users\Mario\Videos\WDTV, like .
The Extra Sheet “The Walking Dead S06E12.jpg” file was saved in the same folder where the episode is saved
( D:\Serie\The Walking Dead\The Walking Dead S06 ).
My problem is the 13 episode, after the HD format and Windows 10 install. I don´t know where is the Main Sheet and the Extra Sheet was saved in the correct folder but named “fodler.jpg”.

What did I do wrong?