Simpler power down function access

Since you did not add a power down switch or a power down soft button on the mbl, I have to access the webpage, insert the password, the navigate through the menus, and the select the powerdown function. Can you please add a faster way to do this? I would like to have a power down function on your wd2go mobile app. Or at least a less hidden menu navigation.


Thanks for the suggestion. We have been looking at adding more capabilities to manage the NAS in future updates/products.

I can stop my MyBookLive using WD QuickView (I think that is the name of the tool in the system tray on Windows). However I still have to enter the password to stop my hard disk. It would be very helpful, if the tool could remember my password (in the case I am logged on to Windows). 

In some ways I would rather there was the last safeguard of requiring me to type in my password or at a minimum type in “YES”.  A few seconds saved doing this is nothing compared to the hours in rework  if you shutdown the drive in the middle of an operation and end up losing data or corrupting the drive as a result.

Maybe the WPS button could have a shutdown function when pressed 10 seconds.

My MyBookLive is connected directly to my computer. I want it to shut down when I shut down my computer. So I use the following little script. I set up a cronjob which runs every minute with that script.

  1. connect to the MyBookLive via SSH.

  2. Type pico

  3. Paste the following script:

    NETWORKUP=$(ifconfig eth0 | grep inet);
    UPTIME=$(cat /proc/uptime | cut -d’.’ -f1-1);

    if grep -qv inet <<< $NETWORKUP ; then
    # Network is down
    echo $(date)" network down" >> /root/autoshutdown.log;
    if [“180” -lt “$UPTIME”] ; then
    # Machine has been up for more than 3 minutes
    echo $(date)" shutdown now" >> /root/autoshutdown.log;
    /sbin/shutdown -h now

  4. Save script (ctrl o) & leave editor (ctrl x)

  5. Type pico /etc/crontab

  6. Then enter the following line below the other cron jobs.

            • root /root/
  7. Save the crontab file (ctrl o) & leave editor (ctrl x)

All shut downs will be logged in /root/autoshutdown.log.

Keep in mind the last thing you want on your RAID storage device is a power switch that can allow you to shut it off imediately. The proper powerdown cycle ensures your data integrity by preventing loss of power during a read cycle. Data loss is the ultimate issue you want to avoid here.