Simple Setup

I used to use an Iomega backup. It was so simple. It backed up and when I needed an old file, I just clicked on it in Explorer and went through the files just like on my desktop. Then I needed more space so I got My Passport Essential. I installed the software that came with it but hated it. It took forever to get to the files if you wanted to restore and it filled up every few of days. So I went to Windows backup but that wasn’t very straight forward either. I got a copy of Norton Ghost but when I try to restore, I have to give a file name and then it doesn’t find what I want. It seems to be backing up but I can’t find anything. Is there a simple backup program that you can find things in Explorer? I would like to scrub everything and just start over but don’t know how to do that. 

I just drag and drop files to avoid confusion and missing files

Your title “Simple Setup” seems to negate what you have been doing.  I use Windows (7) backup and restore and it works flawlessly.  So does Passport Essential.  And you can use Windows 7 and backup everything, including a system image, to your Passport Essential HDD.  You can start by going to the Windows ORB, Control Panel, and Backup and Restore.  It’s very easy, I think.  Good luck.