Simple Large Gallery View (Don't care about XML or Moviesheets)?

Hi Guys

Anyone got a simple gallery view for the standard Mochi theme that just shows as many covers/thumbnails as possible (3x10, 4x10, 3x9, 4x9 etc.)?

Sorta like this one:

…but I don’t need XML or moviesheets or anything like that.  As long as I can see the thumbnails clearly, I don’t really care about director, cast, genre, running time etc.

I just want to be able to arrow across to whatever cover/thumbnail, hit enter and start watching.

I’d still like to maintain the weather, time, folder name etc. at the top, as well as the arrows and 00/00 numbering at the bottom – just with 4 rows of 9 or 10 thumbnails in between.

Actually, what I’m looking for more specifically is probably like TonyPH12345’s gallery view here:

…only with 4 rows of 9 or 10 and no need for the ‘Title’ to show up at the bottom at all. Just covers.

try ExtremeMix STD 3.0