Simple elegant theme?

I really like a lot of the themes featured here and admire the amount of hard work that was put into them. However, I was wondering if anyone has thought of doing a simple but elegant theme that would increase performance on the hub rather than trying to add features that might bog down the processor.

I would like a really nice looking theme with little or no animations, support for metadata from the hub itself (no moviesheets), no scraping of backdrops in gallery view (something nice looking but more performance orientated would be better), and easy access to movie trailers from preview mode instead playing the movie automatically.

I have more ideas about what I would like to see but unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to edit xml files for the desired effect.

Is anyone else interested in something like this? I want rock solid performance and ease of use while still looking nice. I don’t need it to be extremely flashy. I like the look of moviesheets but the amount of effort that goes into making them and getting everything just right is not worth it to me. One of the main draws for the Hub, at least for me, was the ability to scrape all that information directly from the unit. I don’t like the way it is displayed or handled in the official theme though.

That sounds like a great idea that youve come up with I would suggest you post your idea in the idea section of the forum.

I’d want one too. A simple elegant theme, that is. Fast, functional and to the point, no need for any extra features,  gimmicks or flashy animations, just the basics.

Not to toot my own horn - but this was the mission of the Ohagi theme! If you haven’t given that a try yet, try it out… No animations, no need to create backdrops or xmls for anything … just a simple, clean looking theme for the lazy people like me :slight_smile: