Simple Backup and Restore

So, from what I have read, the SmartWare software will not do a simple backup and restore to a different drive/pc?

Isn’t that most basic functionality? I don’t need the restore to dump 400GBs of files into a single folder, that’s idoitic…

Someone please tell me I am wrong…

It will restore to a different PC

as with any backup folder the files will be restored to one folder

the only way to restore to original location is by restoring to the same computer

hint “original” not a different computer

Does the original file folder structure at least get replicated within this single restore folder? If not I imagine that the possibility of 5 different versions of files, and possibly more if there are identical file names in other folders on the backup source, could present a problem. As well as Windows struggling to show tens or hundreds of thousands of files in one folder!


To answer my own question, the original file folder structure is replicated. Stuart