Similar issues with my book 2tb drive not seen

Sorry im sure this have been covered to death.  I have read through a ton of posts here as well spent hours on line looking things up.  It appears from everywhere ive looked that fzabkar is the man with the most information. 

Here is my situation I have a less then year old my book essential 2tb drive.  Now I have knocked it down once so that is something to keep in mind.  It will spin up on power then it sounds like it reads then not sure if its a click or a little pop then spins again sounding like its reading then does that again a couple of times with one last read sounding spin then nothing.  The drive is no longer readable on my computer at all.  Now after reading all the post about the PCB card I removed the hard drive and and initio card and plugged into a black widow sata hard drive adapter.  The drive as a hard drive showed up a couple of times as unallocated but it now pretty much just shows up at initio combo device class.  Even after reading all the posts im torn on if this is a hard drive failure or the initio board fail any ideas would be appreciated as I am sure I have reached the end of the internet on my quest for answers.


dude need to recover the data with software or with professional

you might endup damaging the drive further if you keep messing around 

I havent got 800 plus for a hard drive recovery.  Plus with out the bridge card it will at times read it as as unallocated.  I just have to figure out how to get past that stupid bridge card.

Same problem here… but with a 500 GB… just posting trying to cover all possibilities :frowning:

After reading a lot, have found to possible solutions.

  1. Replace USB plug and see what happends:

check: “Aussie girl” post:

  1. Hope and wait until someone has an answer to pass through that bridge card (WD hardware encrypted data) connecting the HD directly to the motherboard via SATA

¿Some one?..thanks

I hear you it would appear with as much info out there “though lack of solutions” WD would realize this is an issue.  I was hoping to get some input from fzabkar as I was following some of his input on  I was following along nicely but the guy we was helping smoked his board.  I just wanted to find out if I had to swap that flash soic at U4 of is it stored in the symwave chip.  While I have worked at ict diag on PCB boards and I have MAD solder skills if its located in the BGA symwave I’m and everyone else is screwed unless you know someone who can change out your BGA.  Need to track down that.

Send fzabkar a PM he’s pretty good about helping.