Signal problem wd tv live hub

Hello there. I have a playstation 3, and i connect it to my TV using an hdmi cable. Well, today I tried to install my new WD TV Live Hub, unpluged the hdmi cable from my TV (an old SAMSUNG LN40R71BX/XAZ) and pluged it into the wdtv live hub, and to my surprise, nothing happened. It was like it had no cables connected at all. Well i pluged it back into the play3 and it worked just fine. So i figured something is wrong with my wdtv live hub, not my tv and not the cable.

–> no images, nothing, and i can’t even select the “hdmi” option on the tv, as if there was no cable connected.

After reading a bit I tried to update the firmware of the wdtv live hub. Problems with this too. First, I can’t do the manual update via usb flashdrives because I can’t use it at all on my tv. Second, I tried the online update (using an ethernet cable and my computer to access it), but for some reason i can’t find the button “yes update”. I log into the wdtv live hub, I click in the “system” option, it warns me about a new update and nothing else happens, i can only mark a checkbox that shows me “Don’t remind me again”, I tried every single option and no succes. The options are:






and no one shows “update”.

I’ve been messing with this the last 5 hours and it’s driving me nuts. Please someone help me.

Hi Olivo.

You stated that you unplug the HDMI from the TV and connected it to your Live Hub. Right there that would explained why you have no signal to your TV since it is not connected. Try connecting the Hub directly to the tv with a HDMI cable.

I could be wrong but I don’t think you can update it online through a browser.

You have to be in the main screen of the hub rather than the options.

ooops, thank you TheCoolDude, writting error, let me correct it. I unpluged the hdmi cable from my playstation 3, and pluged it into the wd tv live hub. The other end of the cable was stil connected to the tv.

Today i called the support, and they want me to send it back… hopefuly i get a working one after that.