Sign In YouTube = WD Tv Live REBOOTS

Just like the subject says…Every time I sign in to YouTube (takes forever to type in!), WD Tv Live reboots as if it lost power. I tried saving my userid, save all sign info, and just sign in under my account = same result REBOOT. I just got this so when I turned it on it ask you want to check for updates.I did. It downloaded and installed the newest update fine. What’s going on?? Also I’m still having network share problems after hours of reading and rebooting, checking settings ANd now this TOO!

The youtube reboot  is a well known problem (you must read the board or search before posting)

See here

Try changing  the workgroup of your computer to WORKGROUP. So far that has allowed me to keep network shares up for longer than 5 minutes on XP.

The solutions above may or may not work but as long as WD keep quite and unhelpful they are the best you can get.

I was hoping WD would read this. I know all about reading and forums. I’ve done nothing but read for days now since I got WD Tv Live (four days ago). I getting a little tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading forums with a passion but never this soon and much just to get something to work RIGHT! Sorry richUK for the rant! Thanks for the link!! I’ll check that out. As for the network sharing I’ve done all the basic stuff and then some. Thank you everyone for posting!!