Sign in problems, "session expire" error message

We bought the MyCloud Home in hope that it would solve the household storage issue and allow us to share documents across our home network. However, we have been struggling to use the drive at all.

  1. I cannot log in on WD discovery, it hangs on the logging in page indefinitely and no error messages come up.

  2. I cannot log in on the web browser to MyCloud either - after accepting my user name and password, I am immediately kicked out with an error message stating that my “session has expired”.

Please can someone help me?

I am using Windows 10, WD Discovery v.3.2.256, My Cloud Desktop v. You may have some sort of 3rd party firewal, anti virus, internet protection software on the computer or some firewall or parental control settings on the network router. I would check those things first

Thank you @SBrown

I am afraid I am not up and running on the My Cloud Home yet.

I uninstalled all 3rd party firewall and antivirus (and there are no parental settings on the router), and then managed to log into WD Discovery. My Cloud Home drive shows in My PC as a network location but I cannot open the drive in File Explorer. When I attempt to open the drive, the progress bar moves slowly across the top of File Explorer and then I get the error message “Windows cannot access this disk, The disk may be corrupt. Make sure the disk uses a format that Windows recognises, if the disk is unformatted, you’ll need to format it before using it”.

I temporarily turned off my Window firewall and this does not make improve the situation.

Separately I am still being kicked off with a “session expire” message when I try to login My Cloud Home via a web browser.

My partner (who is on Mac) has however managed to access the My Cloud home drive.

Any further ideas?