Sign In problem

I am sure this question has already been asked. I have been using WD TV Live for years, I just upgraded my operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now when I turn on the WD unit it ask for account and password when trying to see files on my computer. I have no idea what they are. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

PS I did do a reset, did not stop unit from asking for account and password.

It has … try “search” top right of your computer screen next time

Question was not answered there.

Keep searching … it’s a Windows 10 config issue

hmmf … this was about 10 posts down,

I looked at that before I even asked my first question. That solution did not resolve the issue. Maybe someone else has can give a response to this question, as you would think others may have had the same issue with passwords and signing in.

You can create a ‘support ticket’ on this Support site. I did that funnily enough, for the same thing you describe here! I received help, it was ‘advanced sharing’ on my pc that needed ‘password protection’ deselecting. So all fine, but then I encountered a further problem (I cannot now recall what it was, sorry) that meant I still could not see my files by going through that method where you are asked for your password.

But I have a reason for replying, as I found another, easier way to get WDTV to read my files. Here’s the workaround, you will still see all your files if you do it this way. On the home screen are 12 large coloured tiles, ‘ok’ (enter) the one that says ‘Videos.’ You will be offered 4 choices of places for WDTV to look for your files. (One is ‘Network Share,’ for example). It hardly matters if you don’t know which is the right choice - you can make the wrong choice, and the worst that will happen is that WDTV will say ‘no media present’ (or something like that). When you choose the right one (even if it takes your 4 guesses as to which is the right one to use) your files will appear, and thereafter will always be there unless you disconnect that source, ie., the pc is switched off - and even then, once you switch it on, your files will be seen on WDTV.

You can persevere with Community advice about the password problem, but that got me nowhere - there is conflicting advice, or advice that simply didn’t work for me, or try the (easier, I think) method I’ve described. If it works for you as it has for me, you’ll never have to bother about the password problem - it’s not involved, doing it this way.
One last thing, unconnected to the above. Somebody on here suggested choosing ‘list view’ for your files as it is more reliable as it uses far less memory.