Shuttle XL on mac - How to install ev modules?

Hi, I have a Shuttle XL 60TB Thunderbolt 3, with 2 ev slots. I purchased a Red card reader module to fit one of the 2 ev slots.

The Shuttle arrived with a strange configuration - it had been partitioned so that only 20TB was visible as a drive, RAID 0, and it wasn’t obvious to me how to reconfigure at all - a lot of the Utility options were greyed out (all options within the wizard, for example).

Anyway I spent nearly an hour on the phone with customer support, and I now have a working 60TB RAID 5 drive (50TB of useable space and 10TB parity). Great, would’ve been nice if it worked out of the box but whatever, it works now.

NEXT, I have inserted the red card reader module into the ev slot of the Shuttle, and a red minimag into this. Nothing happens.

I tested the card reader module, using the usb3 cable instead of slotting it into the shuttle, and sure enough, the card is mounted as red media. But when i put it back in the shuttle, nothing is ‘seen’ by the computer. Is there a separate driver i must install somewhere? If so, why can’t i find it online (believe me i’ve been searching…)

I can’t comment yet on whether i like this drive as i haven’t been able to start using it for work til i can get the card reader working. But my goodness, the initial setup has been a proper ball-ache so far! Why so difficult, guys?

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