Shutdown problem

Hello. Please can anyone tell me if is normal this?
For shutdown i must push power button for 3 seconds. this is a problem for me that use a remote control automatic multiactivity.
instead for power on is enough one click in power button


product: wdtvlive with wifi

There are three power states:

OFF: Drawing only parasitic current for the IR receiver. CPU is off, network is off, etc.
STANDBY: Everything is running except video / audio output is disabled.
ON: Fully functioning.

Short press of power button sends device to STANDBY.
Long press of power button sends device to OFF.

Most programmable remotes I’ve seen (like my harmony) can be programmed to do a long-press.

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I thank you, very gently. so if i push a time power button the wdtvlive goes in standby? and if i repush goes to on??
i have harmony 650. what voice can i search as command for long press? i hope an answer