Shutdown Does Not Work From QuickView, Only With Dashboard

Since after the firmware “upgrade” to V03.03.02-165 My WD My Cloud no longer sleeps and since it uses more power when shutdown, my plan until they get this fixed is to issue the Shutdown command and then once the front LED turns off to pull the wall-wart power supply out of the A.C. power.

Since I have QuickView running I figured it would be easier to use that then opening a browser and navigating around in the Dashboard to perform the task.  From the QuickView icon on my W7 notebook I clicked on Shutdown and got a pop-up indicating “you are about to shutdown your network device…”.  I clicked OK and the pop-up box closed.  After about 10 minutes I went down in the basement to pull the power plug and saw that the front panel LED was bright blue and Kill-A-Watt reporting 8 watts.  I went back upstairs and started the Dashboard and shut it down from there.  That worked.

I checked before making this post and I have the lastest version of QuickView.  Note that this is the “individual” download of QuickView and not that that comes with other software.  Information from the QuickView “About”:

Version 2.2.0

WD Quick View

WD Drive Service

 I would revert back to firmware V03.03.01-156 but I’m not sure how to do that without potentially making things worse.

Try uninstall / reinstall quickview again?