Shut down MyBook Live from MyCloud app would be very helpful


I’m new in this forum. I bought a MyBookLive NAS some months ago, and tought this is the best place to post my question/suggestion on a functionality that I would consider very helpful.

Well, I have my NAS working during the day, but usually during the night, or in case I go on vacation, I tend to switch off all my multimedia devices, by just switching off power from the main power switch. This is OK with all devices, which are already in standby, but not with a NAS, for which a safe switch off is preferable.

I would consider very helpful the possibility to switch off the devide (safely) from the MyCloud app, which I have installed on my smartphone, but it is unfortunately not available.

This is on the other hand available on the PC application WD Quick VIew.

What do you think about that?

In case there are other better places where to post this, please let me know


I suppose you could post it on the link below as an idea

Not perfect but if you go to the dashboard via your smartphone browser you can shut the drive down from there. You could bookmark the page for quick access.

Thanks richUK,

I have posted the new idea here: and I have put this topic as “resolved”

You additional suggestion could work as a workaround - even if the bookmark is on the main page of the dashboard and you have always to go to Settings > Utilities > Reboot / Shut Down and finally here you find the button - but it can work!