Shut down My Passport Pro Wireless without computer

Hi. What is the recommended way to shut down My Passport Pro Wireless without a computer? I cannot find a shutdown command in the My Cloud mobile app. Thx

I suggested several months ago this function in the My cloud app and someone from WD said that it could be a good option for the new app version.

Still waiting…

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

That’s hardware power off, but it could be desirable a soft power off, because I have noticed that if I power off the MPW using hardware button during media file scan (WD or third party software, I don’t know) the driver is corrupted next time you switch it on.

Hi @sfogel2 and @aelorenzo - great news! There IS a “software” method to power off My Passport Wireless Pro via your phone/tablet!

The feature hasn’t graduated yet to the My Cloud app, so it’s a little challenging to find - here’s the way to do it:

1.) Be connected via Wi-Fi to your My Passport Wireless Pro

2.) Go to your web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, etc) and type in – on the page that pops up, if you set an admin password, type it in here. Otherwise the default is no password.

3.) You are now in the My Passport Wireless Pro “Web Dashboard.” Tap the “Hardware” button in the ribbon at the top.

4.) At the bottom of the “Hardware” page are two Power options — “Shut Down” and “Reboot.”

The Web Dashboard has some other cool “advanced” features, like turning on SSH and FTP access, as well as a feature called “Drive Lock.” Drive Lock is particularly cool because it’ll deactivate the USB 3.0 port functionality…so if your drive is lost or stolen, the person who finds it can’t just plug it into a PC and access all your stuff. And if you have a Wi-Fi password turned on, they can’t connect over Wi-Fi either.

(Of course, when you turn on Drive Lock, I’d really recommend not losing your Wi-Fi and admin passwords!)

Anyway, hope this helps! :slight_smile: