Shuffle Repeating Same Block of Tracks

I use Tversity with my WDTV Live Plus.  Normally, I just select the “All” music folder, set the WDTV to shuffle, and after the first track (which is always the same) I get a good random mix from my library.  However, today I noticed that it is playing the same block of tracks, almost as if it has predetermined the shuffle order and is just dipping into the same list over and over.

The hard part in troubleshooting this is, I don’t know if the problem resides in the WDTV Live Plus or Tversity.  It would be useful to understand how the WDTV Live Plus compiles the shuffle order.  Is it on-the-fly?  Or does it rely on the media server (in this case, Tversity)?  I do not use playlists, I just shuffle all my mp3’s through the All tracks folder in Tversity.

I’ve tried shutting down and restarting both the media server and the WDTV.  Now I am installing the latest version of Tversity and rebuilding the library within.  Hopefully the problem is on the server and that the WDTV is simply not “seeing” all my music.

If there is any insight from others, especially in how the WDTV shuffle feature does its job and what its dependencies are, that would be helpful.

If I have to listen to Ziggy Stardust again I am gonna go crazy.  I used to like it.

You are not the first one to notice this problem.

Random is not random

Still broken in 1.04.22B