Shuffle Repeat for Video?

Hey guys,

very intrigued by this product, read through the instructions, didnt find exactly the answer but it looks pretty close.  I would like to take all my tv show dvds, my knight rider, magnum pi, dukes of hazzard, etc and put them on this device or usb, whatever works best.  i would like to add all the individual episodes into one playlist and have them played in a shuffle.  further, i had considered if it could repeat the list after its gone through, just to leave it on a 24-7 loop so any time i turn on my tv i dont even have to start anything up, just have a random episode on, just like it were live tv.  that may not be the best use for the hardware, but just trying to see what the possibilities are.

so quick summation, think ipod shuffle and repeat feature (which is seems like wd tv does do for songs) but for video files.  is it possible?

Thanks a bunch


According to page # 76 of the User’s Manual it is possible to shuffle and repeat all.

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