Shuffle don't work when autostart


I found a bug in the firmware 1.02.17.

I use “auto start function” playing video files from my local storage when my WD TV starts.

There are 213 files in the folder. All files are mkv.

My video playing order is shuffle but it don’t work.

When I use “auto start” the player plays the files in normal mode not in shuffle.

After I go the home menu and restart the playback the shuffle mode works perfectly.

Please repair it in the next firmware.



Just to confirm this i put about a dozen videos on a flashdrive … in Video Settings selected “Shuffle”

Selected in Operation “Auto Play Video”  … then restarted the WDTV

Videos played in sequentual order (not random)

Pressed the Home button to exit … doubled checked the Video Settings … they still had “Shuffle” selected.

So, yes it looks like a bug.


I found another bug. Another problem with “shuffle” and “repeat all and shuffle” mode.
Shuffle only works when I open video files directly from the hard drive.
For example: HomeMenu-Videos-open harddrive- select XYfolder- select video file. This time shuffle works perfectly.
I created a shortcut about my folder to the HomePage “Add shortcut to HomePage”.
When I play the videos from: HomeMenu-XYfolder the shuffle don’t work. Playback always stop after the end of the first video.