Showing dvd's in correct order

Is there a way to show dvd’s in a trilogy in correct order, my lotr trilogy shows return of the king in 2nd position because the r in “return of the king” is alphabetically before the t in “the two towers”.


Rename the titles – LOR 1; LOR 2; LOR 3 then add the extensions.

Thank you, but I have tried that and still no good.

If you rename them “LOR1 whatver”, “LOR2 whatver”, “LOR3 whatver” then you need to rescan the media drive otherwise it may still be picking up the old cache file from what i have read but that WILL put them in order aslong as the 1,2,3 is after rings

Note:  You must change the TITLE in the XML file, not the Filename.

And if you modify the XML, a RESCAN won’t pick up the changes.   You must REBUILD the media library by clearing it.

No matter what I try the Lotr’s,  X-Men & Harry Potter movies keep reverting to an alphabetical order as per the titles of the films, not the name of the file. I am using the mojo theme but it is the same with the moshi default. What am I doing wrong it’s driving me nuts.

Found answer, media library has to be off, but then music albums don’t display as I would like. Will have to learn to live with it.

Thanks for all the help

Change the title to whatever you want, as was already explained.

I have tried every which way, but unless media library is off the dvd’s arrange themselves alpahabetically according to the title give by scan for info  i.e LOTR the Fellowship etc, next LOTR the Return of the king then LOTR the Two towers  NOT by LOR1, LOR2, LOR3

So I have been using the information supplied re naming the video files anything I like.

I am using Mojo theme with video in gallery view.

What tony is saying is if your using XML style sheets for movie information you change the title info from

 LOTR the Fellowship to  LOTR1 the Fellowship  LOTR return of the king to  LOTR2 return of the king  LOTR the two towers to  LOTR3 the two towers

After which if you goto your settings and clear the media info and rescan they should be in correct order.

I thought changing the file name LORFellowship to LOR1Fellowship etc  would correct the order, but tony has more experience with this than i do at the moment so i’ll take his word.

Thank you TonyPh12345  &  Xoligy it has finally sunk in, once again THANK YOU.