Showing as "Unallocated"

Hi, Last Thursday My Passport was working fine, on Sunday evening I tried plugged it in, it opened up, then suddenly disappeared. It was no longer showing in My Computer.

Searching google, I went into “Disk Management” where it is showing as “Unallocated” - If I try to “Initialize” it says it is “Write Protected”

If I click on Properties it shows that the device is working properly - however I cannot get it to be allocated or assign a letter to it etc. It just seems like its decided it doesnt work to be found anymore. I tried it on a different PC, different cable, still the same outcome. I do not want to Format it as I have 2 years of photos, files, music and video’s on there.

Any Idea’s what to do? Please help, any advice is appreciated.

Just for more info, Im using a Windows 7 OS, also I no longer have the box/manual or CD that came with it due to it being lost during a move last Summer.