Show Photos

I have photos on a flash drive containing the subject title, and a number of sub folders, each named according

to the various pictures they contain relative to the main tile. Just as you have on a DVD

How do I get WD TV Live to display the individual folders to enable selection for viewing?

I have List selected in Options, but no separate folders are displayed just a list of the images, and the playback is random and out of sequence. Thumbnails are even worse.

To get something usuable, I have to use Back and select an individual image each time for display. Hopeless.

I need the drive to open and be available for folder and image selection exactly as it would if it was connected to

a computer, or burnt to a disc and run on a DVD Player.

Help please,     Kowhai

It’s been a while since I’ve done this on a WDTV Live, but I’m pretty sure when you select the PHOTOS section, you can specify a FOLDER view, instead of ALL PHOTOS?

Thanks Tony.

Problem fixed by turning Library Option OFF.

Normal folder operation restored.

Thanks,  Kowhai