Shoutcast "app"

Maybe someone can tell me why there seem to be so many Shoutcast radio stations listed by the app, that simply do not play…  

Check if you have the latest firmware update installed. 

I have the latest firmware 

There appears to be a number of streaming stations that either change their streaming format (which is incompatible with the Shoutcast stream requirements).

Another WD TV owner I know here in NZ did a WDTV firmware update and as a result lost the stream of other stations  that previously had streamed without issue and were linked ‘Favourites’

Most radio (including my own station) will stream at 128 kbps. I’ve largely ignored Shoutcast and gone with Tunein.

This radio streaming function was the main reason I bought my Hub. I have since discovered the other wide ranging features of my Hub and increasingly am finding radio streaming taking up less and less of my WDTV time.

Ironic but true.