Should MyCloud be in a Windows Workgroup

I am struggling with mapping drives through native windows (7,8 &10) to mycloud mirror. The Nas was set up in a windows workgroup that is no longer needed. Can I remove it from the workgroup without breaking the existing drive mapping? Several PC;s have multiple drives mapped and I don’t want to lose the mapping. Thanks Inreps

Are you referring to a Homegroup, or the the actual Workgroup? Windows can filter out systems that are not in the same Workgroup, which results in network discovery issues. As such, having your systems (And your NAS) under the same workgroup name is highly recommended.

Short answer, you need a Windows workgroup (and NOT a Windows Homegroup).The default name for a workgroup is labeled WORKGROUP, and many of us use that default name. Most current devices use the default name, but always check the device’s to be sure it is WORKGROUP. Most of us need just one workgroup for home use, but there are cases when more is needed.

Anyway, here is a screen shot of my workgroup, showing two Epson printers, two laptops my router and WD My Cloud NAS, and two WDTV players. All in the same workgroup with same name, where they can share files, etc. It also shows what device is the network’s Master Browser (router)

All these devices can interact with one another on the home network.

If you want to download the free program that shows all this, I can give you the link…